When SAP Plant Maintenance Goes Mobile!

This blog aims to provide an overview of Plant Maintenance practices and Enterprise Mobility solutions available in the market for SAP Plant Maintenance module

For asset-intensive industries like Industrial Manufacturing, Consumer Product Goods, and Construction, plant maintenance contributes to a major portion of the operating costs. In the United States, traditional plant maintenance cost for labor and material increased from $600 billion to $800 billion between the 1980s and 1990s and to $1.2 trillion in the 2000s. Why do organizations spend so much on maintaining assets like equipment and machinery anyway? Because

  1. Machinery needs to be functioning optimally during production without interruption
  2. Avoid unplanned downtime leading to loss of productivity and profit per hour of output
  3. Prevent frequent repairs and faster wear and tear of expensive assets
  4. Restrain deterioration of product quality due to a sudden stoppage in the process.

Besides optimum plant maintenance is a crucial part of industrial safety to avoid major consequences like loss of life, injuries, and environmental impact on biodiversity. Major industrial accidents in the recent past have occurred due to human error and inefficient maintenance processes. The widely followed plant maintenance management practices are listed below:

Reactive Plant Maintenance Management
It occurs once a faulty issue or breakdown is reported and ensures the machinery is returned to its original working condition. Equipment downtime could be due to the failure of replacing worn out parts, lack of lubrication, or external factors of fluctuating voltage and wrong fuel. Once the Plant Maintenance Services department looks into the issue and the failure is rectified, they don’t attend to the same machinery again unless a further ticket is reported.

Preventive Plant Maintenance Management
Scheduled planned and timely maintenance to preserve and enhance equipment efficiency, for instance, oil changes, greasing, changing filters and belt tightening. It aims at keeping assets in optimum condition through periodic plant maintenance services and correct any conditions while it is still in a minor stage.

Predictive Plant Maintenance Management
Predictive maintenance is based on the actual working condition of the machine and not on a predefined schedule. It reports the operational capacity of machinery through physical variables like power consumption, vibration, temperature etc. It predicts the onset of system degradation and thereby allows any casual stressors to be eliminated.
Mobile Plant Maintenance, the need and where are we heading?

75% of manufacturing companies believe that digital transformation will help in leveraging their competitive position and 78% consider mobile technologies important to improve operational processes. Furthermore, by investing in predictive plant maintenance services including predictive technologies 33% – 50% of maintenance expenditures can be saved in most manufacturing and production plants.

Asset intensive organization are heavily investing in Mobility strategies as a part of their “Going-Digital” agenda and there are several apps for mobile plant maintenance services in the market that assure access to real-time data, instant notifications and critical equipment information. If you are an SAP user, then check out what Mobolutions’ Mobile Plant Maintenance App has to offer.

Specific gaps likely in SAP PM (Plant Maintenance module) prior to optimization effort may include

  • Incomplete work orders and pending SAP PM tasks due to manual systems in place
  • Limited use of SAP PM module due to restricted ability to access work orders on mobile devices
  • Huge demand and raising expectations around SAP PM operations
  • A highly standardized user experience that restricts the ability to make dynamic UI changes
  • Poor communication between various functions integrated within Enterprise Asset Management

In an effort to address the above challenges and to improve the efficiency of SAP Plant maintenance operations, the biggest opportunity Mobolutions has identified lies in eliminating work order management backlogs by integrating SAP Plant maintenance operations on the mobile and ensuring that information fields are more dynamic and customizable to the way users need it.

SAP Plant Maintenance App is built on the SAPUI5 platform allowing field technicians and maintenance managers to view, manage, and complete service work orders while on the field, service sites or elsewhere.

  • SAP Plant Maintenance App is built completely out of SAPUI5 and can be integrated with the Fiori Launchpad or deployed as a customized mobile app
  • Make changes dynamically and customizable right out-of-the-box without any coding effort
  • SAP Plant Maintenance App supports usage even in offline mode
  • Allows to create work orders, generate instant work order notifications on the spot
  • Spot functional locations of assets using GIS technology
  • Instantly capture equipment readings, details on materials and parts
  • Assign work orders, work centers, location, and due date/time instantly
  • Supports usage across all major SAP platforms, mobile devices
  • Provides a seamless and intuitive user experience

If you have any questions or comments about Mobile Plant Maintenance. Leave us a note below!


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